Hi, I'm Jenna Sanchez

I became a personal trainer in part because I had always liked being active but also because I struggled with my body image since 5th grade. I thought that being a trainer would force me to finally be “in shape." That led me to a trade school for trainers, despite feeling insecure about how I would measure up next to the hyper fit people I was likely to encounter there. I learned the information but always felt like I didn't look the part. I graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in 2013 and dove head first into working for a large gym. 

While there, I was constantly chasing a smaller body, feeling like the odd woman out working with very cut and lean women. No matter what I did, I was miserable. I was either in a slightly leaner body but mentally exhausted because dieting sucks and all I wanted was to eat a freaking cookie or I was beating myself up for “lacking the willpower” to get the body I thought I should have. 

It wasn't until I started lifting kettlebells in a small independent gym, free from the gross diet culture you see everywhere in corporate gyms, that I started to train without worrying about aesthetics. Focusing on perfecting technique, improving strength and just enjoying movement brought me so much peace and changed my relationship with my body. As I worried less about what my body looked like and more about using it in ways that make me happy, I gained massive amounts confidence. It became clear that a lot of my clients would be better off doing the same.

The majority of people I meet as a trainer want to workout in order to lose weight or change some aesthetic component of their body because they think it will make them feel more confident and better about themselves. Unfortunately it doesn't often come to fruition because endlessly worrying about losing weight or the shape of your body generally makes you less secure and stresses you out, wrecking havoc on your mind and body.

You know what will make you confident though? Finding movement you actually enjoy doing. Being able to do your everyday activities without pain. Walking into the gym and knowing how to do what is best for your body. Lifting heavy things. Getting strong as fuck. All of these things breed confidence, improve quality of life and make you an all around happier person.

This is what I teach people to do.


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