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Jenna Sanchez

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I was constantly chasing a smaller body, feeling like the odd woman out working with very cut and lean women. It didn't matter what I did, I was miserable. I was either happy in a slightly leaner body but mentally miserable because dieting sucks and all I wanted was to eat a cookie, or I was beating myself up for lacking the willpower to get the body I thought I should have.
It wasn't until I started lifting kettlebells in a small independent gym, free from the gross diet culture you see everywhere in corporate gyms, that I started to train without worrying about aesthetics.

It's all about confidence, quality of life & being happy

Confidence doesn't come from being a certain size. It comes from finding movement you actually enjoy doing. Being able to do your everyday activities without pain. Knowing how to walk into the gym and do what is best for your body.

Getting strong as fuck. That's what breeds confidence.

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I've noticed some definition in my arms and legs again, love it! I mean, I know that's not the most important thing to come from working out regularly, there's the improved mental health, more energy, just feeling better in general, but it's still nice. Thank you so much! I feel like I've got my mojo back!

Debbie Eichert

Before working with Jenna, I lived with pain daily and couldn't move let alone exercise. After a few months with Jenna I learned the best ways to warm up my body (yea lacrosse balls!), strengthen my muscles to allow me to be able to exercise and move throughout my day without pain.

Nichole B

I trained with Jenna for about a year and she was an awesome trainer! She incorporated appropriately challenging workouts for my ability and fitness level mixed in with fun! Additionally, she is a good listener and would come up with tailored workouts for a specific body part that I wanted to work on.

Anna M. Singman-Aste


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